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Opera Singer, Actress and Author!

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The Life story of Gladys Swarthout.
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From her debut in 1924 with the Chicago Civic Opera to 16 years with the New York Metropolitan, Gladys' slim figure and low voice often cast her in the role of a boy. 

Gladys as Carmine
Miss Swarthout in her most famous role.
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Gladys in the Movies
Under contract with Paramount, Gladys had roles in five movies in the late 1930s.

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Photo Gallery
I have so many pictures, I've created this gallery to show them off!

VIPs in Gladys' Life
Bios and photographs of some of the very important people that were a part of her life.

Gladys in Advertising
Her numerous appearances on radio and movies made her name well known and the beauty was the crowning factor. 


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Frequently Asked Questions
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Radio, Television, and Recordings 
Gladys and her voice were often featured on radio programs and even appeared on television on occasion. 

Gladys often did concerts around the country, increasing both her appeal and visibility.   

Gladys with Radio Microphone

Gladys On the Cover!
Her beauty and fame led to her picture gracing the covers of many magazines. 

Gladys the Author
Yes!  Gladys wrote a book! 
Supporting the Military
Providing support of the armed services.

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Gladys with Others
Pictures of Gladys with friends and co-workers.

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Web Pages about Gladys

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