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I'll add more to this page as the info is forwarded.  Please email me with links to pictures, family trees, and other Swarthout related information. Some information can be found on the Famous Swarthout's Page.

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Web Sites About Gladys Swarthout

Beauty In Music - Lists beautiful women in music and Gladys is, naturally, one of them!
Bassocantante’s Opera Shop, a site maintained by Carlton Higginbotham, has an audio clip from Carmen that you can listen to by clicking here.

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Stained Glass By Jeff Capen

You can order a one of these to show off the family crest by contacting Jeff Capen.

Web Sites of Swarthout, Swartwout, Swartwood, and Swartout's

A few stories about of Captain John Swarthout in Viet Nam

Here's some good Swartwood info!

Kenneth Swarthout, Attorney-at-Law

Swartout Info - Link provided by Henry J. Swartout, III. Also his personal web pages are here. As an internet provider, Henry has set up a number of domains. This one includes some genealogical information and a brief history of the name and of Anthony and Ralph Swarthout who fought in the Revolutionary War. http://www.swartout.org

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