The History of the Swarthout Family
Swartwout, Swartout and Swartwood and
even Blackwood!

The Swarthout family arrived in New Amsterdam in 1652. Since that time, they have played pivotal roles in the history of this continent. This will provide key links to information on the family available here and at other sites. This section is just getting started! Part of it will be Geographically related.

The Swarthout Name - An article written by Nelson and Mark Swarthout on the name and its evolution.

Swartwout Chronicles - Some Early History through 1899, the Preface can be read here.

Military Records - Just a few of the records of some of the Swarthout's under arms.

Samuel Swartwout- An associate of Aaron Burr, he played a large part in Texas History.


Swarthout's in the wild west!


Swarthout's in the mid-west!


Thomas L. Swarthout and 1850 Census of Clinton County


The Swarthout family in Mississippi.


The Swarthout family in Missouri.


The Swarthout family in Missouri.

New Jersey

The Swarthout family in New Jersey.

New York

Swarthout information in New York, both the Eastern homesteads and Finger Lakes area, an index of the Swarthout and Swartwout families in the various census records of the state.


Samuel Swartwout and the history of the Great State of Texas.


Swarthouts in the State of Wisconsin.