The History of the Swarthout Family
Swartwout, Swartout and Swartwood


Montana Grizzlies Coach Swarthout - History of the Michigander who moved to Montana.



Naming of Bison Fieldhouse - Motion – Laura Vukasin, Seconded – Jim Janikula, passed unanimously to rename the Bison Fieldhouse to R.W. ‘Bill’ Swarthout Fieldhouse subject to the group raising funds to pay signage costs. Bryan Dunn explained to the Board that this request does meet Board Policy. He also stated that he met with the teachers at GFHS, and they are in support of this request. Dr. Dunn then introduced Bob Deming, past Mayor of Great Falls, who spoke highly of R. W. Swarthout and why the Bison Fieldhouse should be named after him. Mr. Deming also introduced Mrs. Swarthout who was sitting in the audience. Mr. Deming stated that Bill Swarthout was hired by the district in 1947 as athletic director and coach for all sports at GFHS. In 1957 he was selected as Principal of GFHS and held that position until his retirement in 1983. Bob Deming went on to say that Bill Swarthout was a soft spoken, but firm leader and was called at times the ‘Gentleman’. He inspired two generations of students during his tenure, many of whom went on to their own careers as educators. Bob Deming also stated that if the Board does approve this name change and would like some type of signage put up, that this would be paid for with private monies. Mick Taleff asked Mr. Deming that in his letter he notes in the name change to be called an Arena. Mr. Deming replied, yes, that is what he started at but in meeting with staff at GFHS, it would remain as a fieldhouse and not an arena. Chairman, Vicki Dunham requested that Dr. Dunn keep in touch with Mr. Deming to work on signage for this name change to the Swarthout Fieldhouse.

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