The History of the Swarthout Family
Swartwout, Swartout and Swartwood


Swartwout, Mississippi

Founded in 1893 when Thomas Swartwout of Chicago had 2000 acres laid out and platted. He was originally going to name the community, Riverside. Thomas settled in the area with his wife, his son, Roswell P. Swarthout, his brother, John H. Swarthout and John J. Marthaler, the husband of Thomas's wife's sister. The community was large enough to have a post office in 1895 under the name Swartwout. It was changed in 1904 when the Railroad asked if the community could be given a name that was easier to spell! The Swartwout's sold their land and moved out in 1903 after a series of bad crop years.

Economic promise failed to last for bedroom community of Pecan, by Regina Hines, The Mississippi Press, December 5, 1988 - Article provided by Penny Swartwout Kochtitzky and Gerald Swarthout.

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