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The Blackwooders is the "Official" newsletter of the Swarthout/Swartwout/Swartout Family. It is mailed out to several key individuals who duplicate them and pass them on to their relatives. I've taken the contents and duplicated them, only adjusting the layout for the web.  Any pictures that were included in the newletter have been scanned in and have been kept if the results were acceptably legible, otherwise they have been omitted. Information or articles that appear in other locations on this web site are not duplicated.

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive this newsletter, please send $5 to:

Mary Swarthout Rindfleisch
10006 Rindfleisch Road
Clyde, NY 14433

For international subscribers, send Mary an email and inquire as to the cost to mail to places outside the US.

Issue Date Creator
February 2000    Nelson M. Swarthout
Second        Jul 2000 Beverlee Swarthout Jenkins
Third             Fall 2000 Penny Swartwout Kochtitsky
Fourth         March 2001 Nelson M. Swarthout
Fifth July/August 2001 Nelson M. Swarthout
Sixth February 2002 Mark W. Swarthout
Several missing My Bad! I'll get some of these up in the future
IN PROGRESS! September 2005 Mary Swarthout Rindfleisch


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