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Penny K., PUBLISHER                         Volume No. 1                           Issue No. 3                            Date Fall, 2000

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Excellent Eye
Unusual Find in Antique Book Store by Willy
One of the more delightfulstories that was told at the reunion was by Bert Willy, an attorney, from Rhode Island.  Bert's wife had recently discovered that her family tree contained a Swarthout, when her husband, to his surprise, found a copy of the Swartwout Chronicles in a visit to an old bookstore.  The book was displayed on the shelf, and when Bert asked about the price, the owner quoted him a price of $40.00.  Bert proudly brought the book home to Marian.  They have since found out how valuable this book has become since there were only 100 of them published.
Editor's note . . . Word has just been received by Mary Rindfeisch of the untimely death on 9/17/2000 of Bert Willy.  We feel so privileged to have met Bert and heard the story from him.  He will be sorely missed by his newly-found extended family.  He was indeed a gentle man.

New Developments at Reunion

Several firsts came out of the 2000 Reunion:  For the first time there was a contingent of WOUT's.

Counting the guest speaker, Charles Swartwout, and his lovely wife, Nancy, there were six Swartwouts present at the banquet on the last night.  There are pictures to prove this and those will be displayed next year.  Some of them are available on this site! Dr. Baxter Swartwout brought his two sons, John and Frank (the mandolin player), with him for their first time.  (Your editor, Gene (Penny) Swartwout Kochtitsky was the sixth.)

Another exciting first was the presence of delightful Kathy Hoeldke who charmed the group with here effervescent personality;  journeying all of the way from Canada to meet her cousins.  As someone remarked, there is the strangest feeling of having known these kinfolk all of your life.

A Swarthout made the first working waffle iron!

News from the 2000 Reunion in N.Y.
Those who attended pronounced this reunion the best since the 500 Swarthouts met in 1879.
There were 140 people who attended some part or all of the festivities.
This means that there is the possibility of looking for a larger place for all of us to gather!

Mary Swarthout Rindfleisch Serves as Model Hostess

For the second time Mary Rindfleisch hosted the reunion in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  Everything was well planned and executed, aided by Mary's husband Rudy, and each person in their family.  The attendees owe the Rindfeisches a debt of gratitude for the good humor and hospitality.

The time and place for the next reunion had not been decided by departure time.
Note:  Possibility is Canada near London (WSW of Toronto) where some ancestors resided.
The 2002 Reunion is expected to take place in the Hudson Valley for the 350th celebration.
The 2003 Reunion may be hosted in SE Michigan by the Webmaster, if he can talk his wife into it!

350 years in 2002!

Exotic Bus Speeds to Corning Museum
Dave Swarthout's new $385,000 bus actually bows to give easy access!

Swarthout Bus Lines Carry Participants

Almost 100 Swarthouts and Swartwouts descended to see the collections of Steuben glass, old manufacturing machines, and glass blowing.

After a comfortable bus ride in Dave Swarthout's newest bus, we arrived in fine fettle to explore the museum at our leisure and eat a delicious bag lunch in the museum lunchroom.  Some Swarthout did some early Christmas shopping at the museum gift shop which had many modestly priced items as well as luxury items, such as Steuben glass and contemporary pieces of art.  Tired people were deposited back at the Chanticleer Inn in the early evening.

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