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The Story of a Young Singer

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Gladys the Author

Yes!  Gladys wrote a book!  Published by Dodd, Meade & Co. of New York, it was a best seller when it came out in 1943.  The book went through at least four printings.  (The third printing was in 1945 and the fourth printing was in 1949.)  It is the story of Emmy Norton, an American Mezzo Soprano, who grew up in a small town (Kansas City, MO) and debuts as CARMEN at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. Surely it is at least partially autobiographical!  I have recently acquired the copy on the left. It is autographed and I believe it is a First Edition!

Doesn't that picture look familiar?

The biography on the back of the dust jackets adds a lot to what I know about her. I'll be using some of that to fill in some of the gaps that exist around the site.



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