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Gladys Swarthout was a popular guest and regular participant on many radio shows of the '30s and '40s and into the early '50s.

I'm looking to document more of the items, but we'll see what comes up.  One show was the The Prudential Hour. This was a popular CBS show featuring concert music, with opera star Gladys Swarthout and, as host, the well known opera critic Deems Taylor.  Her many records also increased her recognition with the public. This listing is still being compiled. The dates show a specific date or a range of dates between which Gladys appeard on a show. The dates are based on a wide number of sources, including a number of radio transcription disks. Clicking on the Show will provide a listing of songs that Gladys was known to have sung on the shows and the dates they occurred.

She was voted Radio's outstanding woman classical artist five years in a row in the 1930/40 time frame.

Ellery Queen Mystery Theater - Episode 230 - "The Corpse of Mr.Entwhistle"
Guest Armchair Detective: Gladys Swarthout
Repeat performance guest: Ted R. Gamble (director of War Finance)

Gladys played the role of Carmen in the first every full-length production of a televised opera.

Gladys also appeared on Television on What's My Line on January 14, 1951 (Episode #35) as the Mystery Guest.

In 1956, just ten weeks after her heart surgery, she was a guest on the Edward R. Murrow show on behalf of the American Heart Association.

NBC Studios - Hollywood July 12, 1935
Ford Hour November 28, 1937
Prudential Hour 1943
The Telephone Hour August 16, 1943
October 20, 1947
Voice of Firestone June 26, 1944
April 21, 1947
Misc. Shows 1934
February 22, 1954

She was a frequent feature in the Radio Guide and other related publications.

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