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Gladys often took part in charity and related events.  Here is one such record: 

WAR MEMORIAL MONUMENT, Newtown, CT, is significant historically because it is a tangible symbol of honor and  respect tendered to the men of Newtown who served in all wars through World War I. The monument was erected in 1931, for reasons unknown it was not formally dedicated until June 2, 1939, on which occasion ceremonies were organized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. An impressive parade was part of the proceedings that drew a crowd of 2,500 people. The principal speaker was Edward T. Buckingham, former mayor of  Bridgeport. The designer and the supplier, Messrs. Naylor and McGovern, were present. The great attraction of the occasion, however, was the performance of two well-known singers, Mrs. Valentin Parera of Newtown (professionally known as Grace Moore) and her house guest, Mrs. Frank Chapman (Gladys Swarthout). 

The new world of recordings was another way that Gladys' fame spread.  In addition to albums of her opera performances, Gladys was featured on numerous records of more popular songs.  Her songs in the movies were available as sheet music with her picture on the cover.

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Sheet Music
Popular Music
If I should Lose You - Rose of the Rancho - 1935 - Words and Music by Leo Robin & Ralph Rainger
Thunder Over Paradise - Rose of the Rancho - 1935 - by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger 
Through the Years - 1931 - words by Edward Heyman, music by Vincent Youmans
The Champagne Waltz -1934 - words and music by Con Conrad, Ben Oakland, and Milton Drake, Famous Music Corp.
God Painted A Picture - Song & Piano Music like sung by Gladys Swarthout

RCA Victor 14419 Gladys Swarthout, Carmen-Habanera L'amour est un oiseau/Carmen-Seguidilla, Pres Des Remparts De Seville


Howard Hanson's opera, Merry Mount. Gladys the first to ever play part of Plentiful Tewes.

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"ANDRE KOSTELANETZ" radio show transcription disc from The War Department of The Armed Forces Radio Service. One 30 minute program on a 16 inch, vinyl 33 1/3 rpm disc. This disc was issued to radio stations for broadcast only and not available to the general public.  Program #113 from February 14, 1946,  starring ANDRE KOSTELANETZ with guest GLADYS SWARTHOUT.

Gladys Swarthout - RCA Victor - Red Seal Records - 78rpm - She sings popular song favorites.

Hear Them Again - Readers Digest - 1968 - Included with about 80 other artists - 10 album set 

My Favorites, Gladys Swarthout - RCA Victor - Red Seal Records - 45rpm - Boxed set of four, she sings popular song favorites. One Night of Love, Estrellita, Oh Promise Me, Finiculi Finicula, I Wonder as I Wander, Bless This House, At Dawning, The Lord's Prayer


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