Gladys Swarthout

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Just as in St. Moritz - Hollywood feminine stars don winter sports togs and hie themselves to the snowy climes so conveniently located near the film capital.
Gladys Swarthout, starring opposite Jan Kiepura in "Give Us This Night", proves her theory that beauty and health go hand in hand and,
garbed in bright green jumper and dark green skiing trousers seeks her share of the wintry out-of-doors.
Gladys Akimbo This and the next shot are the same session. Note the dress and bracelet.
One of her enjoyments was tennis.
Different pose.
Same photo session!
This is the living room of their Connecticut Home.
Galdys Bathing Suit and Cap
Paramount publicity photo. It's a big file!
Bathing Suit
I've seen at least four different poises from this photo session, but these are the two most popular!
Gladys Bathing Suit
A couple shots from this session can also be found on some of the advertising cards.
Gladys Bathing Suit and others
Note the straw hat, the sandels and the striped robe behind her. This was in the 1935 Glamour Parade with the above shot.

Gladys is Svelte in this shot.

This was with an article in a magazine. The swimming pool is in the backyard of her Beverly Hills home.

Gladys Swim Robe
Here is Gladys in the hat sandels and striped robe seen in the row above.
Gladys on a Diving Board
Still another shot from the great swim suit layout. This was published in a magazine in 1937.
I've seen this one autographed, so it was evidently sent to fans.
Gladys in Color Shot.
A rare color publicity shot. This one is Spanish.
I've seen this one for sale with autograph on eBay.
I've also seen this one autographed, so it was also sent to fans.
I've also seen this with and without autographs.
Gladys Fur
Hmmm, seen this outfit before!
Deja Vu?
This daisy motif dress was one of the costumes from the movie Champagne Waltz.

Gladys with husband.
Another popular autograph item!
Photo of Gladys in her dining room in Hollywood.
An earlier Tennis shot.
Gladys during a fitting with designer Eulalie.

Look Magazine
1 February 1938
The red was raspberry jam to enhance the color of tomatoes that had been thrown at her as part of a publicity stunt. The scene was cut after test screening got a negative reaction.

Etude 1950
Etude August 1950 Illustration with article.
In one of the articles Gladys did it discusses blowing bubbles as one of her daily exercises.


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