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Is the Web Master related to Gladys? - This is probably the single most common question I get. The answer is, YES! Based on the current standing of the Swarthout Family genealogy, Mark is the 6th cousin three times removed of Gladys.

Other web sites say Gladys was born in 1904, why do you say 1900? - This shows up in many web sites, biographies and articles. Gladys' obituary indicates that she died on July 7th, 1969 in Florence, Italy, at age 68. It is believed that she, or her agent (and husband), made her a bit younger than she was, not wanting to reveal her true age. I have seen some places where they list her birthday as being in 1898, but have not seen any collaborating evidence to back up that date.

Was she married? Yes, Gladys was married twice. Her first marriage was to Harry Kern, a man some 20 years her senior. He died in 1931 and Gladys married another opera singer, Frank Chapman, who was the same age.

Did Gladys have any children? - No. Neither of her two marriages resulted in any children. However, she did have a Step Daughter, Patricia Chapman.

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