Mark Swarthout
His Life and Times

I have over the years collected a lot of bits and pieces related to what I considered important events. As I've found them, I have taken pictures of them or scanned them into the computer. Having done this I thought I would make them available for others searching for memories and events. Some of these items will mean nothing to anyone but me and my immediate family. Others will trigger memories of events in their own lives. I hope you find something of interest, perhaps of value, and maybe, just maybe, learn something.

And by sharing it, I also will make it less upsetting if something were to happen to the real items, I've saved the means to re-trigger my memories.

The Ukulele Dude
My adventures with this musical marvel

My Continued Adventures in the Martial Arts

Boy Scouts of America
Including my Eagle Scout Project

Some of the many acting parts I've done
The articles and books I've written
A Christmas Trip
The Swarthout Family goes to Williamsburg - 2007
Business Cards
Most of the many jobs and activities I have

United States Navy


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