Mark Swarthout

His Life as an Aggie

In his junior year of high school, Mark decided that the US Naval Academy would be a good place to go to college. Even though he received an Appointment, he was unable to acquire a waiver for his eyes. In the meantime, his application for an NROTC was approved and he was given a full scholarship to Texas A&M University. What a world of tradition he fell into!

Freshman or "fish" year. Class A Uniform.

This was the bonfire during Junior year. For a feeling of scale, the box at the top is a full sized outhouse!

Well, it wasn't all a bed of roses! After this 'RAM' slip, I had to shave twice a day to avoid a repeat offense. It was a real pain!


Lawrence Sullivan Ross, the first President of Texas A&M College. Companies of fish were often seen polishing him on Saturday mornings.

Junior or "Sergebutt" uniform, Midnights.

Boot Picture taken the spring of 1979.

Graduation, May 1980, receiving my diploma (and yes, that actually is it!) from Dr. Jarvis Miller at graduation ceremonies.

This is the medal awarded to the members of the fish Drill Team. It also entitles the cadet to wear the Maroon and White shoulder cord.

My sister's graduation. I'm wearing my Junior Uniform.

Ed Straub inspecting a fish Drill Team member.

Below, the H-2 Company Log for bonfire in 1979. Steve Ude is at the front, I'm at the back end. Mark Baulch is closest to the camera.

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