Mark Swarthout
Some of His Theatrical Experiences

Speaking and acting seemed to come pretty naturally. In high school I had a part in almost every production that was done. I had a small part in my freshman year production of A Christmas Carol. Junior Year I played Otto in The Star in the Window.

I often go to the theater, sometimes to watch my daughters and sometimes to watch friends. We have season tickets to Stagemasters in Royal Oak and see about 6 productions a season.

The first three act play my high school produced in four years. I showed up for the try-outs and they asked me what I was there for. "I want to try out for a part." "You've already been cast." and threw me a script. It was a fun production!

One of the audience members asked my parents where I had taken acting lessons.

Bill Fowler, myself, and Joe Boutwell (my high school physics teacher) in costume for the community presentation of "1776" presented in the spring of 1976. I played the part of a courier and actually sang a solo. My favorite complement was the woman who came up to me afterwards and said, "You creep! You made me cry!"




The church has done a couple of 12th Night dinners in which a wide variety of musical and theatrical numbers were woven together. In both cases my 'twin' brother and I have had a sword fight in the hall, complete with terrible puns and all sorts of silly things. Below is the most recent version, complete with my lovely Queen. And a good time was had by all!

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