Give Us This Night
1936 - 73 mins - Directed by Alexander Hall
The Second of Five Movies Gladys starred in.

Cast:  Jan Kiepura, Gladys Swarthout, Philip Merivale, Benny Baker.  Much of the music for this movie was composed by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and some guy named Oscar Hammerstein II. 

After becoming introduced to the world of opera, a fisherman (Jan Kiepura) falls for a woman whose guardian is a noted composer (Philip Merivale).  They met when the fisherman evades the police by seeking refuge in the village church and each is captivated by the other's voice while singing mass. The primary love interest of the men, (and after seeing the full 8x10 of the picture on the right, me!) Gladys falls in love with the fisherman with the golden voice. The picture to the right shows a Romeo and Juliet scene that they are playing up.

Give Us This Night
Sorrento Song
Fisherman's Song
Softly Through the Heart of Night
My Love and I
I Mean To Say I Love You
My Heart and I

Gladys in Give Us This Night

Jan Kiepure and Gladys Swarthout in "Give Us This Night," with Phillip Merivale, Benny Baker, Michelette Burani, William Collier, Sr., and Sidney Toler. Directed by Alexander Hall.

Swedish Movie Poster

The picture at left was taken on the set in Three Arch Bay, California, near South Leguna. You can see a couple of additional shots showing the set of the Italian Village on the web site created by Steve Turnbull for this picturesque community that served as a setting for numerous Hollywood pictures in the 30's and 40's. Three Arch Bay

In 1936 The Preview Board for Musical Films of the National Council of Women began to distribute a set of Group Discussion Guides - “Give Us This Night” was the second of these and includes some interesting items.

Technically the production of Give Us the Night was a mammoth undertaking. Altogether sixty sets were required. An entire fishing village was constructed to resemble Sorrento at Three Arch Bay, near the California seaside resort of Laguna. The bay is a large cove surrounded by cliffs that rise to a height of three hundred feet. To transport building materials up and down the cliffs it was necessary to build an inclined railway.

Running the Scales - Alan Mowbray loosens up his vocal cords for his role in the new Paramount musical, "Give Us This Night," while Gladys Swarthout and Philip Morivale look on. Director Alexander Hall, back to the camera, is enjoying it, too.


Copyright 1935 Paramount Productions, Inc. Permission granted for Newspaper and Magazine reproductions.


As they work Gladys and Philip are less than enamoured of the skills of Alan and are looking for an alternative.
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