Romance in the Dark
One of Five Movies Gladys Swarthout starred in.

Romance in the Dark
1938 - Paramount - 80 Min. - Directed by  H. C. Potter

Cast: John Barrymore, Gladys Swarthout, John Boles, Claire Dodd, Fritz Feld, Curt Bois, Carlos de Valdez, Torben Meyer and Ferdinand Gottschalk.

Based on Herman Bahr's 1907 German play entitled the Yellow Nightingale. Swarthout is the foil used by the womanizing tenor to make his desired girl friend jealous, only to fall in love with Gladys (and who wouldn't?).

Tonight We Love
Blue Dawn
Bewitched By The Night
Romance In The Dark
The Nearness Of You  -  Written by: Ned Washington and Hoagy Carmichael - © 1937

Gladys Swarthout in Romance in the Dark

Gladys poses as a maid in order to get an opportunity to show off her
singing for John Boles.

John Boles keeps losing his girlfriends to a manager who sends him out of the country everytime he is interested in one of John's women. Clara is the current interest and John recruits Gladys as a decoy, only to fall for her himself.


 Before she leaves from Budapest, Gladys plays the other woman. This gown is owned by a private collector.



Gladys is touted as "The Persian Nightingale" and this is the scene right
before her entrance in the second act in Budapest.

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