Rose of the Ranchero
1935 - Directed by Marion Gering.
One of Five Movies Gladys Swarthout starred in.  

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Gladys in Rose of the Rancho
Based on what I've been able to dig up so far, this is a remake of Cecil B. DeMille's 1914 production, based on the play by David Belasco and Richard Walton Tully.  Writing credits for the movie David Belasco, Charles Brackett, Marion Gering. 

Cast included John Boles and Gladys Swarthout.  Gladys dresses up as a bandit complete with mask for parts of the movie.

If I Should Lose You - Written by: Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger - © 1935
Thunder Over The Prairie
Little Rose Of The Rancho
Got A Girl In Californi-ay
There's Gold In Monterey
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The Padre And The Bride

Finnish Movie Magazine

TIME magazine - Jan. 13, 1936
Rose of the Rancho (Paramount). As a vehicle for the cinema debut of Contralto Gladys Swarthout, a revival of David Belasco's famed stage success recommended itself for obvious reasons. Born of U. S. parents and reared in Deep Water, Mo., Miss Swarthout has a Latin appearance well suited to a rigmarole about Spaniards in California and their efforts to hold their ancestral estates against early land-grabbers. Furthermore, the dual roles of Rosita Castro and Don Carlos, masked leader of the Spanish vigilantes, enable her to maintain a tradition which she inaugurated at the Metropolitan Opera...

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