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About the Swarthout Family Web Site

This site was created and is maintained by Mark W. Swarthout. Pictures that are exhibited on this web site are in the possession of myself or been provided by other genealogists where credited. The majority of the pictures of Gladys were given out as promotional items to attract attention to the movies and to herself. This site is not for profit. If any material is copyrighted and goes beyond the standards of reasonable use, please contact me so that they can be removed. All other rights reserved.
The original web pages were created using Netscape Composer and WS_FTP LE. Since then I have started to use Dreamweaver and its built in FTP capabilities. Frames and scripting have been intentionally avoided to insure that all persons can take advantage of the information here.
My appreciation goes out to all of the Swarthouts, Swartwouts, Swartouts and Swartwoods, as well as so many other descendants that have kept the family history alive and are so willing to share. There are two in particular I wish to thank. Nelson M. Swarthout, who corresponded with me so many years ago, long before e-mail and shared what he knew, and continues to do so. Mary Swarthout Rindfleisch who has sponsored several reunions and has spent countless hours assembling her findings, and who's approval means so much to me!
This web site is truly a family affair. Scattered throughout these pages you will find the names of many contributors with various spellings of the name. I have attempted to credit everyone possible, but apologize for any shortcomings. Thanks Beverlee, Kathy H., Penny, John and all the rest who feed me bits and pieces and that all important encouragement!

Other Sites by Mark W. Swarthout
I've been working on my family genealogy for over twenty years. I have twin daughters that are now on the verge of graduation from college. That should suffice to provide the reason! I have found numerous interesting facts about the family and am fascinated about the variety of experiences found in their history. Here are some other sites that I maintain:
Ink For Blood - The David Fairchild Family - Another one of my ancestors and his family. They were 49'ers and early settlers in California and Nevada, helping shape and record the history of these states. Why the name "Ink for Blood"? Because they were printers! And for the Swarthouts that see this, note that the Ovid Bee was printed in Ovid, New York, and the Swarthout information I extracted can be found on this site!

North American Genealogy

I wrote a 4-800 word article on North American Genealogy on a more or less monthly basis for an online community for a couple of years. These articles have been moved to this site, reformatted and updated. Topics include how to find newspapers that your ancestors may have had delivered to their door, how to find military records and other sources of the history of your ancestors. A dozen or so of these have been consolidated, brought up to date and published as an article, Putting Flesh on the Bones, available through

The Ukulele Dude

Yes, I play the ukulele. This site contains pictures of my collection of ukuleles, ukulele shirts and other related items.

I married into the Cavellier Family and this site is just getting started to contain genealogical and historical information on the family and branches.
Shido Kan Detroit - I have studied this style of Shorin Ryu Karate for over twelve years and currently hold the rank of Shodan. I now maintain this web site for my dojo.
Lander County, Nevada, NVGenWeb Site - Because some of my relatives, brothers and cousins to my 3G Grandfather, Corydon Fairchild, settled there and they wrote about things happening there, I adopted this web site when it was orphaned. 
The World of Harry Potter - On a lighter note, my daughters and I have put this together, celebrating the wonderful world of imagination captured by J.K. Rowling. Special report with original photographs and a first hand description of the largest author reading in history!

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