The World of Harry Potter
Created by Dr. Joanne K. Rowlings, Order of the British Empire
As discovered by the Swarthout Family
Update 7/12/2004

Over the last five or so years, our family has delighted to the excitement and adventures of Harry Potter as described in the four books, plus the two new Hogwarts' books released so far.  The wait until the next book comes out is almost too much to bear, so we have started this project to help pass the time and to share this wonderful world with others.  We have consolidated the information spread out in the four books and the two text books, into lists. We will be updating it with information from Book 5 in the near future!

We attended J.K. Rowling's reading at the International Festival of Artists in Toronto, Canada!
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If you haven't read the books, what are you waiting for? Order them from using this link ->

Harry Potter Books

The Scholastic Web site is wonderful and allows you to send Owl Post, take a Wizard Quiz and even go through a pronounciation guide.

The information provided here is derived from the first four books, the two text books printed for the benefit of Comic Relief in Great Britain and a variety of interviews that are available at various web sites.  We can't wait to add to them when the next three books come out! References to the Books are to the American Scholastic printing.  The Roman Numeral indicates the book, followed by a page number.  Occasionally a chapter will be referenced instead.  While in Toronto, we also picked up a copy of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Canadian version which, we are told, is identical to the British edition.  Great fun looking for the differences!  Things like, Jumper = Sweater, or Lemon Drops = Lemon Sherberts and the one my daughters spotter, shan't = won't.

The other great item we have, was a Christmas Gift from my brother-in-law who, for many years, was involved in the book trade, and obtained a Advance Reader copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!  It is carefully preserved and a real gem!

The World of Harry Potter is limited to those locations, items and concepts specifically mentioned by the author in the books.  In a couple of  instances, an entity is known to exist, but the details or name have not been provided, i.e., we know that a license is required to Appropate, hence there must be an Appropation Licensing Bureau in the Ministry of Transportation.

The places and locations of the Magical World. Whether it is the prison, the schools or the villages, find information on shops here!

The political structure of the Magical Community
and some of the rules and regulations associated with them.

Magical Creatures
Wizards and Witches arenít the only thing hidden from the Muggle world!

Magical Items
Unique and everyday items of the magical world.

THE sport of the magical world!

 Magical Communications
The unusual ways that the citizens of the magical world exchange information.

Magical Transportation
How they get around.

Magical Spells
Magical spells that are cast in the books.

Organizations found in the books.

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