Magical Items

The following items are unusual, even in the magical community.  Many of them are one of a kind.

Unique Items:

Sorcorer’s stone – Anything touched by this stone will turn to gold.  It is also used to create the Elixir of Life that will allow the individual to live forever when taken on a regular basis.  Nicholas Flamel

Sword of Gryffindor – Ruby encrusted sword with no known magical properties.

Sorting Hat – This beat up hat is several hundred years old and assigns first years to the house most suited to their abilities and temperament.

Mirror of Erised – I show not your face but your hearts deepest desire.

Goblet of Fire – Used to select competitors representing the three schools in the Tri-Wizard Cup Competition.

Marauder’s Map – Created by Mssrs. Mooney, Padfoot, Wormtail and Prong, this map shows the grounds of Hogwarts, along with all secret passages and doorways and their passwords.  It also notes the movement of all persons on the grounds with a labeled dot.

Common Magical Items

Invisibility Cloak – Makes the wearer totally invisible.  Harry was left one by his father.  Barty Crouch, Jr., also used one.

Pensieve – This magical bowl like object allows one to save memories, providing a linear way of looking at them and to free up the mind for other thoughts.


These wooden items are 7 to 16 inches long and of varying flexibility.  The combinations of wood and magical cores fit the personality of the user.  Any wizard can use any wand, but they work best for the specific owner.

Unicorn Hair
Phoenix Tail Feather
Dragon Heartstring.


Famous Individuals and their wands

Hagrid - Oak - 16" - Rather Bendy
Lilly Potter - Willow - 10.25" - Swishy - Nice for Charms
Valdemort - Yew - Pheonix Tail Feather - 13.5"
Harry Potter - Holly - Phoenix Tail Feather - 11" - Nice and supple
James Potter - Mahogany - 11" - Pliable
Ronald Weasley - Willow - 14" - Unicorn tail-hair

Brooms – Magically charged, these have wooded handles and have a broom made of twigs.


Hand of Glory - Insert a candle and it gives light only to the holder. Best friend of thieves and plunderers.

Carpets – Not available in Great Britain, they are used instead of brooms in the middle east.
Tents -

Time-Turner - An hour glass on a chain that will allow the user to go back in time.  Heavily regulated, there is considerable chance of mis-use.  III-394

Selfstirring Cauldrons - I-133

Self-Shuffling playing cards - II-20

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