The following spells are those that are specifically used in the books.  To this point, all spells require the use of a wand in order to be cast.

Accio XXX - Brings the named object to the caster. The name is not required when the object can be pointed at directly by the wand. IV-68

Alohomora - Opens locks - III-414

Avis - Creates a gun like blast and some small birds. IV-309

Conjectivitus Curse - Effects the eyes IV-406

Confundus Charm - Splits material IV-279

Curse of the Bogies - ? - I-79

Deffindo - Splits material IV-340

Deletrius - Deletes the results of Priori Incantato. IV-136

Densaugeo - Front teeth grow

Disillusionment Charm - Distort the vision of any Muggle see the object it is cast upon.  MB-xix

Ennervate - Reverses the stun spell

Engorgement Charm - Makes things grow larger - II-57

Expecto Patronum - Forms a Patronus, a white creature of good that protects the castor and others from the effects of a Dementor.  Works against Lethifolds.  FB-25.

Expelliarmus - Disarms the victim by removing what is in their hand (Wand, stick).

Finite Incantatem - Ends charms and hexes II-192

Four Point Spell - Point Me - turns the caster's wand into a compass.

Furnunculus Curse- Creates ugly boils on the victim

Homorphus Charm - Used against a werewolf to turn him human again. II-80

Impedimenta - Slows down people chasing you

Impervius - The item repels water.  III-177

Incendio - Starts a fire.  IV-47

Jelly-Legs - Victims legs go to jelly.

Locomotor Mortis - aka Leg Locker Curse - Locks the victim's legs together.  I-222

Lumos - Wand becomes a flashlight.

MobiliXXX Moves the item named.  Normally the name is a Latin derivitive, so far we have seen mobiliarbus to move a tree - III-201 and mobilicorpus to move a body - III-377.

MORSMORDRE - The Dark Mark - IV-128

Nox - turns off Lumos.

Obliviate - Wipes the memory of the victim.  Often used on Muggles to protect the magical world.  IV-76

Orchideous - Causes a bunch of flowers to burst from the end of the wand.  IV-308

Petrificus Totalus - Full body bind.  The victim is totally immoblized.  I-273

Priori Incantato - Indicates the last spell cast by the wand directed at. IV-136

Peskipiksi Pesternomi - Supposed to quell Pixies - II-50

Reducto - Blasts an inanimate object into a smaller version of itself.

Relashio - Sparks Underwater it provides a stream of very hot water.  IV-496

Reparo - Repairs broken items such as glass windows - IV-169

Rictusempra - The Tickle Spell - Silver white light  II-192

Riddikulus Spell used against Boggarts to make them appear funny.

Sonorus - Pointed at the throat of the subject, allows their voice to be heard as if using a public address system.  IV-102. Reversed with Quietus. (IV-116)

Stupify -

Tarantallegra - Uncontrolled dancing of the legs.  II-192

Transmogrifian Torture - Kills? Lockhart suspected that had been used on Mrs. Norris. II-70

Waddiwasi - Removes gum from keyholes. III-131

Wingardium Leviosa - Causes the subject item to fly.  (I-171)

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