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I'm converting my articles into longer articles available through If you don't find one you recall being here, it has been incorporated into a Kindle article. You can obtain a Kindle app through Amazon for the PC, MAC, iPad and most phones.

Included here are a wide variety of topics and subjects to help you in your Genealogical search. The primary purpose was to provide resources and ideas to allow you to make your ancestors real people, rather than just a name and date on a chart. Please, let me know if they are useful!

Putting Flesh on the Bones: Bringing Your Ancestors to Life

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Many of the following articles were originally written for Suite101 under a variety of Topic headings including North American Genealogy and Genealogical History. For some reason they ended my ability to edit and access, or even write new articles. I have modified and updated many of them since that publication.

Family Picnics - Another way of collecting information.   Littlest Angel Box - Looking for those trinkets and treasures!
Sharing What You Know - Protect it for the future  

Teaching Children about Genealogy - Good tips!

Protecting Our Records - Important tips on protecting documents   Identifying Photographs - Tips and resources to help you determine dates.
Genealogy Road Show - Packing for a research trip   Searching the Web - Using web search tools to find genealogical information.
Getting Organized - Tips for putting into a workable format.  

Postmarks - More to a letter than the words!

Family Tree software - Introduction to computer programs.   Formalizing an Organization - Making a legal entity
Family Bonding Time   Family Reunions - Attending and setting up
Prioritizing Your Time   For Sale to the Highest Bidder - Finding family history in on-line auctions.
Be Nice, But Be a Pest   The US GenWeb - One of the pimary web sources of information
Family Histories - Published accounts on family lines.   Spreading the Word - Using the communications abilities of the Internet to further your search.
Get Me To The Church on Time! - Church records   What does #$^ Mean? - Working with foreign languages.
Answering the Call - Pastors and Clergy   Genealogy in Fantasy - Family trees in Fantasy
    Borders - Crossing the borders often left a record.
Caveat Genealogist! - Frauds, scams and danger signs!   Give me Land! - Tracking down Land Patents.
Triggering Memories   Location, Location, Location! - The importance of locations in Genealogy



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