Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hogwarts is the located near Hogsmeade, somewhere in Great Britain.  It is typically arrived at by students through a nine-hour train ride from King's Cross Station, London.

Hogwarts School Song
Sing to any tune you choose
Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling
With some interesting stuff,
For now they're bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we've forgot,
Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.


The only requirement for application to Hogwarts is Magical ability. No need to apply!  In Hogwarts there is a magical quill which detects the birth of a magical child anywhere in the British Isles, and writes his or her name down in a large parchment book. Every year Professor McGonagall checks the book, and sends owls to the people who are turning 11.  (Interview with J.K. Rowling on Scholastic’s website.)  In addition to a letter of acceptance, they will also receive a required supplies list.

Graduation - In order to graduate one must have succeeded in acquiring Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.s) the range appears to be somewhere between five and twelve, and some N.E.W.T.s (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests).   Testing for O.W.L.s are taken at the end of the fifth year and N.E.W.T.s at the end of the seventh year.

Houses of Hogwarts
This link will provide information on the Houses students live in at Hogwarts.
Curriculum and Courses

Classes normally consist of about twenty students.  Instruction is done by qualified personnel that are considered of exceptional quality, hand picked by the Headmaster, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.  (Currently looking for a Defense against the Dark Arts instructor)

Professor Minerva McGonagall


A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration


Additional Reading

Professor Flitwick


The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 3
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4
- Miranda Goshawk - IV-155
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 5 - V-158
Weird Wizarding Dilemmas and Their Solutions - IV-487

Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts - IV-486
Olde and Forgotten Bewitchments and Charmes - IV-486
Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed - IV-339
Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks - IV-488
A Guide to Medieval Sorcery- IV-488
An Anthology of Eighteenth-Century Charms- IV-488
Dreadful Denizens of the Deep- IV-488
Powers You Never Knew You Had and What to Do with Them Now You've Wised Up- IV-488
Where There's a Want, There's a Way - IV-490


Additional Reading

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Professor TBD  - Those interested apply to Albus Dumbledore, c/o Hogwarts

Description - Teaches how to defend oneself against the evil creatures and wizards and witches that use Dark Magic.

The Dark Forces:  A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentine Trimble
Defensive Magical Theory, by Wilbert Slinkhard V-158


Additional Reading

Gilderoy Lockhart’s Guide to Household Pests
Break with a Banshee by Gilderoy Lockhart
Gadding with Ghouls by Gilderoy Lockhart
Holidays with Hags by Gilderoy Lockhart
43 Travels with Trolls by Gilderoy Lockhart
Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart
Wanderings with Werewolves by Gilderoy Lockhart
Year with the Yeti by Gilderoy Lockhart

Professor Sprout


For some of the Herbs and Plants studied visit the Herbology Page (being created!).
Bubotubers – The pus that is squeezed out of these is a powerful acne medicine.
Mandrakes -

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

Additional Reading
Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean
Encyclopedia of Toadstools


Care of Magical Creatures
Reubus Hagrid – Groundskeeper and Keeper of the Keys

Description – This course is intended to introduce the many types of creatures that are kept hidden from the non-magical world.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
The Monster Book of Monsters


Additional Reading
Men Who Love Dragons Too Much
Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland I-230
Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit I-233
From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper's Guide I-230
The Handbook of Hippogriff Psychology  III-300
Fowl or Foul?  A Study of Hippogriff Brutality III-300

Ancient Runes III-315

Broom Riding
Madam Hooch

Description – This is an introductory course and is not graded, though required.  School provides the brooms, probably donated by students getting new brooms of their own.

Professor Severus Snape


Veritaserum - Causes the taker to be perfectly truthful.
Aging Potion - Adds age to the taker.

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Basic potions kit
Pewter Cauldron
Mortar and pestil
Gloves – Dragon Skin

Additional Reading
Moste Potente Potions

History of Magic
Professor Binns (A Ghost!)


A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

Additional Reading
Hogwarts:  A History
The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts
Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry
Important Modern Magical Discoveries
Great Wizards of the Twentieth Century
Notable Magical Names of Our Time
Modern Magical History

Professor Sibyll Trelawney III-228


Unfogging the Future - Cassandra Vablatsky

Additional Reading
Predicting the Unpredictable: Insulate Yourself Against Shocks
Broken Balls: When Fortunes Turn Foul
Death Omens — What to Do When You Know the Worst Is Coming

Muggle Studies
Professor ??


Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles III-264

Professor ??


Numerology and Gramatica

Professor Sinistra  II-204

The library at Hogwarts contains tens of thousands of books.  Sections are kept off limits to students except under supervision of the Professors.

Other items in the library - Titles found throughout the stories
Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland IV
Modern Magical History I-106
Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century I-106
Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions IV-21
Curses and Countercurses (Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying and Much, Much More) by Professor Vindictus Viridian.I-41 
Charm Your Own Cheese
Enchantment in Baking
One Minute Feasts — It’s Magic!

Prefects Who Gained Power - A study of Hogwarts prefects and their later careers
Magical Me - Gilderoy Lockhart
Flying with the Cannons
Sonnets of a Sorcerer
- Caution! Reading this book will cause one to speak in Limericks for the remainder of ones' life.
A Compendium of Common Curses and their Counter-Actions
The Dark Arts Outsmarted
Self-Defensive Spellwork

Support Staff
Argus Finch - Caretaker
Hagrid - Groundskeeper
Madam Pomfrey - School Nurse
Madam Pince - Librarian

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