John W. Swarthout

Civil War Records

The documents are from the copy of original obtained from the Records Repository by Mark W. Swarthout

Enlistment Form for JWS

The Enlistment paper of John W. Swarthout

Casualty Report from the Geneva Gazette 17 June 1864

I've cut down the full article, but you can find the complete records in the Civil War Reports in the Geneva Gazette

We are indebted to Chaplain Scott of the 148th Reg't N. Y. Vols. for the following letter, giving an additional list of killed and wounded in the regiment:

In the field before Richmond, Va., June 7, 1864

Additional list of killed and wounded in the 148th Reg't, N. Y. Vols.

AT GAINE'S FARM, June 2d and 3d

Company E
Sergt. James W. Smith, left arm
Archibald Covert, right arm
John A. Bodine, head
Owen Carl, neck, slight
George Smith, jr., right side
Sergt. Silas W. Dickinson, left hip
Jacob M. Hodge, left hip
Jeremiah Armstrong, left arm
Patrick Doudle, face
John W. Swarthout, right arm, slight
Corp'l J. H. Brewer, right shoulder
Jacob Bishop, ankle and back

Hospital Card - FrontHospital Card - Back

Hospital Record of John W. Swarthout. The X's on the back are covering the words 'Amputated, Middle Third' He was fortunate to be able to keep his arm!

The is the medal made up by the members of the 148th New York Volunteer Infantry, probably for their first reunion. The story of how I got this is pretty amazing! I'll add it here in the future! Thanks, Rick!

John went on to be a prominent citizen in the community. Even to the point of being included in the jury list:

The story behind the hanging

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