Henry W. Stephens
March 24, 1838 - August 19, 1911

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From Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York by John H. Selkreg, 1894; D. Mason & Co., Publisher

Born in Gloustershire, England, and was eleven years of age when his parents came to this country. William, the father, was a mason by trade, and located in Auburn for a short time, then moved to Ithaca, where he followed his trade till his death in 1879, aged seventy-two years; his wife died in 1890, aged ninety-three years. Of their six children, Henry W. was next to the youngest. He was educated in the old Lancastrian School and his first occupation was with his father. After a short time he went to learn the printer's trade, which he followed till the breaking out of the war. September 25, 1862, he enlisted in the 137th New York Volunteers, and saw service with this regiment till the battle of Gettysburg, where he was seriously wounded, from the effects of which he lay in hospital until May of the next year, when he was discharged and returned to Ithaca. In 1865 he entered the employ of the D. L. & W. R. R., and for twenty-one years he filled the position of telegraph dispatcher for this company. In 1885 he resigned this position, and the same year bought the general grocery store of T. S. CULVER, at the corner of Aurora and Marshall streets, where he has ever since been in business. Mr. STEPHENS is a member of Hobasco Lodge No. 716, F. & A. M. In February, 1858, he married Julia A. CAREY, of Romulus, Seneca county, and they have four children: Henry E., a machinist of Elgin, Ill., Will B., an artist, Mrs. Julia E. JUDD, and Clara B.


Summary of the Military Service Record of Henry Stephens, from the National Archives.

Pension Certificate - 31,572
Name STEPHENS, Henry W.
Post Office Ithaca
Pensioned for wd. Lft. Shoulder joint
Monthly Rate $18.00
Date of original allowance Oct. 1866

The 137th New York mustered into service on September 25, 1862. Records show that Henry enlisted on August 16th, 1862 and mustered in on August 28th, 1862. On 5th November while on picket duty in Harper's Ferry a musket ball struck index finger of his right hand shattering the articulating extremity of the 2d and 3rd phalanges. In consequence of which the finger is crooked, stiff and permanently extended. On July 2nd, 1863, he was hit by a musket ball entered left axilla posterior and emerged near the [xxxx] traversing the joint many pieces of bone escaped and the wound finally healed after entering hospital on this Station to which he was transported from Little York, Pa, 12th. February. The elbow can be freely flexed but the shoulder and musculature of the arm and forearm are wasted. The wounds which this soldier has recieved produce total disibility and disqualify for service in the Invalid Corps.

The 137th New York played a pivotal part in the Battle of Gettysburg. It was this unit that on the night of July 2nd, repulsed the Confederate attack on the previously abandoned works on Culp's Hill. It was during this battle that Henry took the bullet in his shoulder. They were the extreme right flank of the Union lines on that night. Stretched a double interval, there were times where the unit was taking fire from three sides.

Pictures from Gettysburg.

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