Other Good Genealogy Links

Genealogy Search Tools

FamilySearch (LDS) - Church of Later Day Saints' Search Page
Genealogy.com: Search for Family
Ancestry.com - Surname Community
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Home Page
FamilyHistory.com - Message Boards
Cyndi's List - This is the biggest database of Genealogy links on the Web!  Everything from how to's to searches.  You'll probably find every link on this page someplace on Cyndi's site. And you'll find this web site in her listings too!
The Political Graveyard
A Genealogy List of Surnames Beginning With SW
Census Online - MI
Diane's Michigan Genealogy Page
My GenForum
The SurnameWeb Swarthout Genealogy Center
Fulton County New York Genealogy Site

US Gen Web - The project is designed to set up a web site for every county in the US were people can find and share information as well as ask questions and request lookups.  I've had great success with these sites!

USGenWeb Project Election Central - Start here to get to any state and then any county in the US
USGenWeb Archives: War of 1812
USGenWeb - Dutch/Frisian Names/English Translations
CousinsGenWeb 95 : les données de Patronymes en 1789 - Yes!  GenWeb is international
Cayuga County, New York GenWeb Project Page
Seneca Co., NY - NYGenWeb
Yates County GenWeb Page
Lander County, Nevada GenWeb Page - Maintained by Mark W. Swarthout

Other Search Tools

Don't underestimate search engines! This article may give you tips and hints on using them for family searches.
MetaCrawler - Good starting place, this site searches for 5 to 10 hits from each of the major search services.
AltaVista Search - Allows you to use logic signs in the search (+, -, and, or, " ")
The College of Arms - Main Page
Old Maps of New York State Towns

Military Links

103rd OV!, Introduction New York Civil War Regiments
148th NY Volunteers
History of the 50th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Union
Virginia Civil War Battle Second Cold Harbor American Civil War
Cold Harbor
The Battle of North Anna and Cold Harbor Official Records and Battle Description
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