Swartwout Chronicles Census

An attempt to locate all the existing original copies of this important document. If you know of others, please let me know!

32 Original Copies Identified So Far!
Pretty amazing considering there were only 100 bound copies!

Holder of Record
Notes of Interest
Queen of Holland Believed to still be in the library there! After all, it was one of the purposes of getting the book completed.
Nelson M. Swarthout Inherited
Marian Willey Husband found in Used Book Store
Mary Swarthout Rindfleisch  
The Western Reserve Historical Society History Museum and Library  
Elaine Newcomb Inherited
Carol J. Craig Inherited
Bob Swartwout Inherited
Victoria Prumett  
New York State Library, Albany Rare Books Collection
Donald G. Swartwout Inherited
Dr. J. Baxter Swartwout Inherited
Raymond Swartwout Illinois. Thanks for the info, Gladys!
"New York Public Library, New York City"  
Gerald D. Swarthout Inherited
Rockland County Historical Society Inherited by Valentine B. Swartwout of Congers, New York, son of Charles and grandson of Richard Swartwout was donated by him. Info from.Charles Swartwout
George Swarthout Inherited, info from owner.
Ronald Taylor Inherited.
Library of Congress - Five copies!  
Sue Swartwout  
Deer Park Historical Society  
Cornell University  
Harlow Bernardus Swartout Inherited, verified by his sister, Carolyn, and his son, Jerry
Jeff Richardson Jeff inherited his copy
Anne Loehr Inherited from her grandmother
Port Jervis Library, Rome NY Ruth Thoden also Fred Fox Great Grandson of Harry Whitman Swartwout.
Rachael King  
?? Michigan State University Archives Pending confirmation

Sons of the Revolution Genealogical Library, Glendale, CA


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