Swarthout Grave Stones

While at the Family Reunion in September, 2000, a small group of us tramped through three of the cemeteries in the Ovid area.  I have listed the grave stones that I took pictures of, along with some information.  Due to space considerations, I have not put the pictures on the web.  If you would like a digital picture of any of these markers, send me an e-mail and I will reply with a digital copy.

Swarthout Family Cemetery
This cemetery is in the village of Willard in the town of Romulus, Seneca Co., NY

Johnathan Swarthout
Nathaniel Swarthout
Mary Swarthout Wife of Johnathan
Phoebe Ann Swarthout dau. of W. Swarthout
Mary Swarthout dau. of Coe and Catharine Died Nov. 20 1864 aged 20 years 9 months 4 days
Jemima Jane wife of W. Swarthout died Sept 24, 1842 Aged  29 years 11 Mo 15 ds
Sally Wife of Wm. Swarthout
John J. Swarthout son of Wm and Betsey, 2 yrs.

Ovid Cemetery
Lewis Swarthout Hannah Swarthout
Barna Swarthout Mary Swarthout wife of Barna
John W. Swarthout Martha J. Swarthout (nee Stockwell)
Abbie Swarthout Coe Swarthout
Myron H. Swarthout George W. and Polly Swarthout
Myron H. Swarthout, Jr. George A. Swarthout
John P. Swarthout, child of Coe Swarthout Mary Swarthout, child of Coe Swarthout
Louisa Swarthout, child of Coe Swarthout Edna Swarthout
Charles L. Swarthout Nellie L. Swarthout wife of Charles L.
Robert and Winifred Swarthout Robert C. Swarthout, Sr.
William B. Swarthout Anna M. Swarthout
Emi E. Swarthout Joseph V. Swarthout

Lodi Cemetery
John C. Swartout Amanda Swartout
Ann Louisa wife of P.W. Swarthout Benjamin Swarthout
Peter W. Swarthout Mary C. Swarthout
George Swarthout Seneca Demott Swarthout
Emma Catherine Ida Mae Swarthout
Charles Henry Swarthout Louesa dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth Swarthout

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