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Burton Collection
Detroit Public Library

The New York Times Reference Book lists the Burton Collection as one of the top five places to do genealogical research in the United States. I think it is one of the best kept secrets of the hobby. For a while I was able to access it once a month or so. (Believe it or not, I go on a randomly determined basis, i.e., if work calls for me to travel by the library, and there is a parking place on the street, it's lunch time! I can seldom contain my excitement for more than an hour anyway, I'm too eager to share what I've learned to sit still and look for more!)

I was at the Burton Collection and, as so often happens among fellow genealogists, I was helped by another researcher. She explained that if I found a listing for a surname in the catalogue, I could list the last name and write RRF for the book title and the librarians would retrieve an envelope containing pictures or newspaper clippings. So I promptly requested the Swarthout and Swartwout files, the two listed in the card files. I was rewarded with two envelopes, Swarthout with a variety of clippings and Swartwout with a single article. I have legible, digital pictures of the clippings that were there.

If you contact me I will send you a digital copy of the appropriate clipping.

Mrs. Arthur H. Swarthout - Obituary - Aug 29, 1892

Jay D. Swartwout - Obituary - Navy Flier - March 18, 1928

Mrs. C. A. Swartout - Obituary - March 17, 1943

Thomas J. Swartout - Obituary - April 12, 1944

Fern Work Swartout - Funeral announcement with picture, date questionable.

Carrie Swarthout - Obituary - Sept 20, 1947

Mary Lu Swarthout - Marriage to Junior Perrien - Aug 16, 1949

Elvin Swarthout - Grand Rapids Mayor - Announcement of death, year unknown.

Dora Swarthout - Pioneer of Pickney - Historical article with several picts - Aug 3, 1966

Russell Swarthout - Cleared of Charges - Jan 27, 1970

Jess Aaron Swarthout - Death notice - October 24, 1971

Kenneth Swarthout - Obituary - d. May 19, 1973

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