Swarthout-Van Vleet Bible Records

The pictures below are of the records found in the Burton Collection of the Detroit Public Library. The DAR often went through communities and recorded information found in family Bibles. The details and affidavit are found in the last picture. Imagine my surprise to discover Johnathon's family Bible in Michigan!

In addition to the info here, I also have a copy of a recorded deed that shows that Johnathan Swarthout purchased the land that Jacob, Peter and Letty had inherited from their father, Nathaniel. My interpretation of this information is that Johnathan married Nathaniel's widow, Mary, and then had sons George and Lewis. Johnathan married Amy on Mary's death and had the children listed. His widow moved with their daughter to Ohio. The only thing different is the birth date on Johnathan, which might turn out to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Another interesting thing to note is that Johnathan, Nathaniel and Mary are all buried in a row. Nathaniel and Mary's headstones are touching, her's is the short one on the far right and Johnathan is the white one on the left, with Nathaniel's in the middle..

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