A Short Story

Marcho Blackwood was looking through the books in his library. He had acquired them over the years, not so much as reference, or because he read a lot, more because they fit nicely on the shelves. To say that he was bored would have been an understatement. He needed adventure! Spring was threatening to break the long tedium of winter, but the snow had not given up yet.

He lazily turned the pages of one of the old books until a picture caught his eye. What a door! He could almost envision it standing in front of him, teasing him to look behind it and reveal the secrets on the other side.

He sat down and sent off some letters to his friends, inviting them to join him on a quest, a quest to find the door! Father John, Harlin, Marlin, and, of course, Stevoris. It would never due to undertake a quest of this type without a wizard! It was exciting to see his friends! They checked their equipment and after consulting the book and several maps, they headed out to see what they could find.

The tree was most helpful. He knew of the door, it had been made out of a friend of his, whose face was one of the many that adorned it. And the birds had brought news from the mice and rats that the door had been seen it in the deep recesses of a cave.

Armed with this knowledge, they were able to find the entrance to the dungeon.

Inside they had to fight their way around the many evil creatures that lived there, many goblins were found and destroyed.

They arrived in front of a stature, that followed their entrance into the room with its eyes. It was only once they stood in front of it that it began to talk to them.

"Before you may enter the door, you must pass me, and you must answer my riddle:

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter."

Well, Marcho didn’t have to think much, he had heard this one from his distant cousin Bilbo enough times to shoot the answer out in a flash, “Dark!”

They were able to pass the guardian and came around the corner to discover the door in front of them. It was magnificent!

It creaked open to reveal, Orcs! The battle was quick a furious! It was a matter of minutes before they weary group was able to stop and look around, the foe vanquished! Even the severed hand still holding a sword was not enough to deter the party from collecting the stash of treasure!

And they returned home, well rewarded, and satisfied that they had an adventure that would bear retelling in the comforts of their homes for generations to come. "Perhaps," Marcho thought, "it wasn't as wonderful as Bilbo's, but it would do!"

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